IMOGen Test Card & Teletext Generator
PM5544 on LG Plasma TV

Test Cards

Below is the current catalogue of standard IMOGen test cards. Others may possibly be made available by request, or as required. Also, variations or personalisations of associated idents can sometimes be accommodated.

Only actual domestic television screenshots of IMOGen generated output have been used, rather than posting the cleaner, but rather sterile, digital original source images. Please bear in mind that deficiencies in both the television sets, and the point'n'shoot digital camera used to take the photographs, will be apparent in the resulting pictures.

Test Card F (Electronic)

Test Card F on a Beovision MX6000

An electronically produced successor to the original slide based version.

625 Line Test Card C

625 Test Card C on an Ultra 6818

Test card C, as modified for the new 625 line service, including labelled frequency gratings.

Test Card D

Test Card D on a Thorn 981

Test card D, generated and displayed in native 405 line format.

Test Card D

Test Card D on an Ultra 6818

Test card D again, but this time produced at 625 lines for input to a standards converter.


PM5544 on a Beovision MX6000

A version of the the familiar Philips PM5544.


PM5540 on an Ultra 6818

A Philips 625 line monochrome test card.

Test Card C

Test Card C on an Ultra 6818

The classic 50's 405 line test card, also available at 625 lines for standards conversion.

Test Card F (70's Slide Version)

Test Card F on a Beovision MX6000

A facsimile of an early slide version of test card F, complete with the original patchy illumination, slight mis-registration and super-imposed electronic colour bar strip at the top. Not as technically good as the other versions here, but bags of good old authentic nostalgia!

Test Card J

Test Card J on a Beovision MX6000

A digitally regenerated and technically enhanced test card F, with a re-scanned, higher resolution, centre circle image.

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