IMOGen Test Card & Teletext Generator
IMOGen + diagram


IMOGen's hardware design can be broken down into three main sections. They are, 1) DC power input regulation and filtering, 2) a digital section consisting of address sequence and jump generation logic, controlling a large flash memory feeding a digital to analogue converter (DAC) and, 3) an analogue section made up of reconstruction filtering and an output buffer/driver. All this is built onto a double sided printed circuit board using high quality components. Plugs and sockets are used for all wire-to-board connections and major silicon devices are socket mounted for ease of service / upgrade.

Reliability has been proven to be excellent with no IMOGen failures in a year of units being used in the field, some of which are left operating practically 24/7. One user did suffer a "wall wart" power supply failure and so, as a result, a power supply is no longer included with new units. This allows the user to choose and buy their own preferred manufacturer's power unit. However, suitable power supplies can be supplied as an optional extra if requested.

Front View

IMOGen Front View

Front Panel

IMOGen Front Panel

Description of front panel controls, from left to right -

  • PWR : Power on indicator
  • O/P : Video output socket
  • TTX : Teletext data line blanking, enable/disable
  • ITS : Vertical interval test signal blanking, enable/disable (625 only)
  • SELECT : Test card selector (3 positions in standard config)

Internal View

IMOGen Internal View

IMOGen is designed and built by a lifelong service engineer, therefore all major components can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds using just basic tools.

Rear View

IMOGen Rear View

The 2.1mm DC input socket is located on the rear panel.

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