IMOGen Test Card & Teletext Generator
VHDL Screenshot


The Xilinx CPLD at the heart of IMOGen requires programming to become, effectively, a custom ASIC that performs all the logic functions needed to drive and control operation of the unit. This coding is written in VHDL and then appropriately translated, for the specific device employed, by the manufacturer's software tools. The resulting programming file is then sent to the device's non-volatile configuration memory via a JTAG interface during production. This reduction in hardwired logic greatly increases the flexibility of functionality achievable from the same basic hardware.

Current version

Released March 2012, v2.3a(MT) is the latest production version. This release extends the teletext capability to a maximum of 18 pages by supporting the new "MT" PROM format. Replacing the initial v1.0a release, and also requiring a PROM update, all early production units have now been updated.

Updating firmware

Firmware is not intended to be user accessible. If an update is required, then this is achieved by returning the whole unit for reprogramming or, alternatively, swapping just the plugable CPLD module on an exchange basis.

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