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IMOGen is a multi-standard test card and teletext generator that employs digital techniques to produce an analogue composite video signal. It can produce test cards in PAL encoded colour at 625 lines, and in monochrome at both 625 and 405 lines. In addition, pre-programmed static teletext pages are also generated when a 625 line output is selected. The unit is self-contained, requiring only a single power supply input to operate. The generated output is baseband video, suitable for direct input to SCART sockets, RF modulators etc.

The name IMOGen is an acronym for Incrementing Memory Output Generator, which describes how the heart of the unit operates.

IMOGen was designed primarily as an aid to the vintage television enthusiast and, as such, attempts to include the widest range of useful functionality into a single box as possible. So, if you have 405 line only, dual standard or single standard 625 line, monochrome or colour, or even anything modern enough to include a teletext decoder, IMOGen can provide a signal for it.

IMOGen Front Panel

Test Card Selection

In standard configuration, IMOGen contains three test cards; 625 line PAL colour test card F, 625 line mono test card C and 405 line test card D. These are selected using the rotary switch on the front panel. Other configurations are possible and alternative test cards available.

VBI Signals

One of the major advantages IMOGen has over DVD test pattern sources is the ability to produce signals present in the vertical blanking interval (VBI). In this case, teletext and insertion test signals (ITS). IMOGen generates these signals by default to match the standard selected, however, some earlier television sets were not equipped with field blanking circuitry capable of adequately dealing with these more modern innovations. Therefore, IMOGen includes the ability to totally blank these signals as required, by means of front panel mounted rocker switches. In standard configuration, IMOGen produces 15 teletext pages.

Solid State Reliability

With no motors or lasers to wear out, and low power consumption, IMOGen is perfectly happy being left on for hours on end in a workshop environment. When paired with a small mp3 player loaded with test card music, a totally solid state television test signal solution can be realised.

Dependable Standards = Accurate Set-Ups

Video timing and exact pixel value to video signal voltage translation can vary between different DVD players and authors. IMOGen's video timing is reassuringly accurate and identical across outputs of the same line standard, ensuring that, once adjusted, you can be confident that your picture is correctly centred. In the same way, the test card data programmed into IMOGen has been carefully adjusted so that pixels values are true to the standard black, mid grey and highlight levels expected.

Inside IMOGen

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